With the month of October upon us, the annual fundraising efforts and renewed conversation about breast cancer commence. However, one particular story hit close to home for me. Claire Stokes was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, just three weeks after their son Ethan was born. I met Claire in Dubai shortly after this and her warm spirit, gregariousness and light has stayed with me. After Claire’s initial chemotherapy treatment in June 2012, the family were devastated to be told that her cancer had returned and 39-year-old Claire began her ongoing battle to survive.

Claire’s husband, Chef Robbie Stokes, previously Burj Al Arab’s Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef at Al Badia Golf Club in Dubai, was already well-known throughout the region for successfully raising breast cancer awareness through his initiative ‘The Pink Brigade’ with bespoke pink ribbon chefs jackets. Sadly, Claire passed away in January 2015, just before her 40th birthday.

I sat down with Chef Robbie, daughter Yasmine and son Ethan, to hear more about Claire’s efforts that she started, how important healthy eating is to them as a family and advice Robbie has for other men that may be in a similar situation to what he has faced.

To learn more about the Pink Brigade and Nourish check out http://imannaroberts.com/ep19-im-anna-…/