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The Chefs United Ball, 2014.

Bringing together Dubai’s most internationally celebrated and award winning Chefs, the very first Chefs United Ball was held at the iconic Fairmont on the Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai on the 30th of October 2014 under a night sky of glittering stars.

To support their fellow Chef and his wife Claire, Dubai’s glitterati of the culinary world demonstrated the passion and camaraderie that Chefs all over the world are known for.

So, who and what are the Chefs United?

All of the Chefs that were involved in this very special event, actually gave their time and their expertise for free to support Claire’s belief of ‘Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Health’. Apart from the gastronomic delights that were served from 12 live cooking stations, it was evident that the Chefs themselves were all part of one loving family, who support each other in good times and bad. The Chef’s Camaraderie and expertise of the craft they love was very evident on the night and all of them were very proud to get involved and become The Chefs United.mushroom-shadow

To say that the event was a success is very much an understatement; it was a phenomenal achievement way beyond our wildest hopes and dreams that bought the very best out of many people, all of whom had been touched by Claire and her husband, Chef Robbie’s situation. The star that shone brightest of all on the night, was Claire herself and many of her friends and family shall treasure the special memories made on that magical night.

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